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I just realized "Burn Notice" is starting to remind me of "Angel" - Trinfan's LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I just realized "Burn Notice" is starting to remind me of "Angel" [Aug. 3rd, 2009|09:05 am]
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Over the last few days I've watched the last half of season 2 of "Burn Notice." During every episode I found myself thinking, "Damm, Michael Westin is acting more and more like a Champion (in the Buffyverse sense of the term)." When he was on the run after almost getting blown up by one of his enemies, he still noticed the signs of a man working himself up to commit suicide by walking into the front of a bus and stopped it and ended up resolving the issue the man was so worked up about. After that I said, "Michael really is a Champion."

To take the comparison further, I've begun to think of Michael's time as an official spy as his "Angelus Years." Now that he's burned, he is free to give his conscience full reign. I believe one of the main motivations for Michael's good deeds is his guilt over some of the bad things he had to do during his career. One of the episodes had a remarkable scene where Michael for a few minutes talked to Fiona as the IRA terrorist cover identity that he was using when he met her and first won her heart. It was like Angelus emerging, except without all the wanting to kill everyone :)

But it isn't just Michael who reminds me of Angel, its Sam and Fiona who remind me of the rest of Angel Instigations/Team Angel/The Fang Gang. Both of them have the information gathering skills and contacts of Doyle and Wesley and Fiona has Wesley's weapon's expertise and Sam displays Doyle's love of a good beer and story to go with it. Fiona also has Cordy's ability to call his partner on his brooding/uncommunicativeness and the sensitivity to the plight of the most vulnerable of victims that makes the group even more determined to help them. And I love the resonance between Fi's Freelance Bounty Hunter gig and Wesley's stint as a "Rogue Demon Hunter."

The comparison extends to Michael's mother and brother who complicate and also enrich Michael's life in much the same way that Angel's family (Spike, Darla, Dru, Connor) do. Finally I see similarities in the overall season arcs. "Burn Notice's" first season had alot of stand-alone stories that established him as a "helper of the helpless" but also had a continuing backstory of him struggling to find out who burned him. Michael wanted desperately to be unburned so he could be an official spy again in much the same way Angel wanted the Shansu and to be human again.

But when season 2 started Michael found himself deeper in the clutches of a shadowy covert organization that was more than a little like Wolfram & Heart. And his nemesis Carla pretty much took on the mythic nature of a Buffyverse "Big Bad." After the season 2 finale where he learned that the organization that burned him is as hard to ultimately take down as the "Senior Partners," I'm sure Michael is questioning whether or not he really wants to be unburned again. It may be that he can do more good as his own man.

In the first episode of season 3, Michael has to deal a female Miami police detective who reminds me a little of of Elisabeth Röhm's Kate Lockely. I'm really looking forward to seeing how their relationship plays out.

From: jenifer111
2010-12-17 10:40 am (UTC)
Its true..even i too had noticed about the acting of Michael Westin.. He was serving for his countries for more than 10 years.. Fiona was his good friend.. Right now i m watching burn notice online and just ended up with season 3.
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